Tobias Stahel

Tobias Stahel, photographer


Tobias Stahel has been working as a freelance photographer since 1998, specializing in advertising, people and lifestyle. His clients include top ad agencies, magazines and well‐known personalities.

Though drawn to art early on, there was little indication of his later career path. Having flunked out of Gymnasium, Tobias started his professional life as a dishwasher. This is how he first learnt about hard work and then fine dining, which landed him a job as a cook on the legendary Orient Express.

Lacking the patience for writing and the talent for painting, his artistic ambitions eventually found expression in video. Tobias earned a degree in Media Art, developed a taste for quality of the individual frame and worked as a focus puller and director of photography. After four years of projects and assistances in commercial film and photo around the world he found his calling in still photography.

His natural, crisp and subtle style is less about control than intuition and submission to the moment. Hearing the shutter go, feeling the electricity silently pulsing through his fingers while playing with moods and vibes Tobias builds a commanding momentum that leads to the perfect picture. 

The person he would have most liked to portray is Max Frisch. But because he considers nostalgia a dangerous sentiment, he’d rather think about whom he’d like to snap today. The driving force behind his ongoing love for photography is that learning about the world lies within its nature.

He has been living on and off in New York and is now based in Zurich, where he has his own studio since 2013.