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Michele Gastl, photographer


Michele Gastl was born in 1967 in Milan. Thanks to his Austrian background and German School Education, he has been always eager to explore the world, to grow personally and professionally. After becoming one of the best young photographer in Milan, he moved to New York for four years, gaining a lot of experience and perspective. In the past years he has dedicated himself almost exclusively to still life photography, becoming one of the most appreciated commercial still life photographers in Italy.

He shoots with the same ease and passion celebrated ad campaigns and elegant catalogues, as well as creative editorials for leading magazines. His clients ranges from Gucci, Acqua di Parma, Ferrè, Atkinsons, L’Oreal, Blue Lagoon (cosmetics and perfumes), Valentino, Ferragamo, Montblanc, Breil (watches), Ferrero, Ferrarelle, Barilla (food) and Loro Piana, Etro, Kiton (clothes and accessories). Giving a unique sense of preciousness to everyday objects through his images, Michele pursues, reveals and appreciates the beauty of life.

Besides his commercial work, Gastl is always eager to experiment new ideas, to express his talent in a more creative and artistic way and to keep a fresh and spontaneous look on things.

He has been working towards an aesthetic form of photography, that has lead to different projects.

Sometimes the main quality of his images is the perfection of the lights and the composition; other times he has the ability to conceal the real form of an object, leaving the observer in the dark or he seizes the moment, freezing the action and revealing what the eye can't normally see.

From the end of the '90s his works have been part of different exhibitions and donated for auctions at Sotheby's for charity projects.