Tobias Stahel

Luca Zanier, photographer


Luca Zanier was born in Zurich in 1966. After being trained in photography he worked as an assistant to numerous national and international photographers. Zanier then founded his own studio in Zurich and since 1993 he has been working as an independent photographer, focusing predominately on landscapes, stills, people and documentation as well as on free artistic work.

In his artistic capacity Zanier is strongly interested in urban spaces, constructing unusual perspectives of seemingly familiar settings and situations. In his series «Metropolitan» Zanier explores Zurich and other cities by means of poetic night photography. The project «Space and Energy» concerns itself with very different centers of powers. Here Zanier investigates the inner workings of the energy sector: exploring interiors of nuclear and coal power plants, oil tankers or hydroelectric dams. Zanier’s project «Corridors of Power» focuses on political power centers, including the United Nations headquarters in New York, the Executive Committee of the International Football Association FIFA or the headquarters of French Confederation of Labour CGT.